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How you can help in saving Marine Life?

Our oceans and marine life are not as before. You might say it refers to climate change! But there are other reasons: pollution, harmful waste and overfishing are the main threats to marine life safety. A lot of marine creatures are now in danger of extension.

You might say: I can’t do a thing to stop this seemingly inexorable destruction of large tracts of our ocean life. You are wrong! You can make small, impactful changes to save marine life. Each act counts to make a difference!

Here are some tips to adopt, for sure, if you’re living nearby the sea or the ocean.

  1. Say no to plastic and use alternatives.

The biggest killer of marine life is plastic. It has the main responsibility for killing marine animals such as dolphins, whales, and turtles. The best practice to do is limit the use of plastic products that can end up in our oceans. Use a reusable water bottle; go for plastic-free alternatives such as biodegradable coffee cups, bamboo cutlery, stainless steel straws, and tote bags. And one more thing, sort & recycle as much as you can.

  1. Minimize your carbon footprint.

Carbon dioxide is making our oceans more acidic. As a result, we are losing corals as their calcium skeletons are weakened by the increasing acidity of the water.

Adopt these simple measures to have a lower carbon footprint!

  • Leave your car at home, walk or go for a ride on your bike.
  • Be conscious of the energy use at home and work, turn off the lights when you’re not in the room.
  • Switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • Take the stairs, you can skip lunges from your today’s workout! 
  1. Avoid using ocean-harming products

Many products are directly linked to harming the ocean and its species. Go buy organic cosmetics instead of those containing shark Squalene and avoid buying jewelry made of coral or sea turtle shell. Always ask about the ingredients or what this product is made from! If you do so you will be shocked many times.

  1. Make wise seafood choices

Go to eat sustainable seafood. Save the popular fish varieties that are rapidly being depleted due to high demand and overfishing practices. Help reduce it by choosing healthful and sustainable seafood.

  1. Support organizations and brands aiming to save marine life.

Many organizations are fighting to protect marine wildlife. Brio Bags are one of them! Its mission is to be an eco-warrior. As it provides reusable practical bags with high-quality design and textiles. It also raises awareness of saving marine animals in Arabs countries.

  1. Volunteering is always the key to success.

Volunteer, provide donations, and join up with local groups involved in supporting marine conservation projects, for example, cleaning up the beach, picking up the trash…

  1. Be a changemaker in your community.

Share the knowledge about the issues facing this vital system, educate yourself and your community about marine life, how we’re truly directly harming it through our daily small irresponsible actions, and inspire others to make an impact as well. This way you are helping to ensure the future preservation of marine life for the next generations.

By putting these easy tips into practice, you’ll be playing an essential part in saving marine life.

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