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What is minimalism? Your guide to starting your minimalist lifestyle

Are you interested in learning more about minimalism? Do you want to know if minimalism is right for you? You just found a great guide to starting.


So what is minimalism? 


It is a design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. Its origins started in the arts. The artworks just used simple lines, few colors, and careful placement of those lines and colors. Today, this approach is mainly achieved by using functional furniture and interior objects that have geometrical shapes with a combination of two colors only! 


Nowadays, minimalism is defined as a lifestyle that aims to minimize/remove all the distractions that keep you away from doing what you love and care about! It’s about being happy with what you have and not continuously craving for bigger and better stuff. It’s about simplifying your life as much as you can.


It will save your time, energy, and space in your life for the things that you must experience! Did I mention that it will NOT cost you a thing?


Everyone will pass a phase where they’ll feel under-stressed, their calendar is overscheduled, and don’t have time for their family and themselves too. Minimalism is the practical solution and the continual process.


Let’s now summarize the BIG concept of minimalism. It is about trying and exploring new stuff with the people you care about. It will SHIFT your life to new horizons. 


Joshua Becker defined it as: “minimalism isn’t about removing the things you love. It’s about removing the things that distract you from the things you love.”


Well, in other words: it’s a simple, tiny, and intentional living. You should not confuse it with deprivation. It is not a lack of something; it’s simply the perfect amount of something. So, it will reflect your priorities and vision for your life.


You can benefit from applying minimalism in your life, so you can customize it based on what works best for you. It will start small and later on will have a major impact on You!


You will have a great feeling when you reach a certain point of decluttering old stuff and things. It may start with your wardrobe, your shoes, your books, etc… But, you don’t need to get rid of your favorite collection! Over the years, you will notice changes in your career, home, lifestyle, and your buying behaviors. 


You might be asking why minimalism is an effective tool to eliminate life’s excess.

Our societies and marketing strategies create FAKE values on owning more stuff and having no time to use them much. So why buying stuff you won’t even use! starting your minimalism journey might be challenging at the beginning. But as you untangle the life you built around owning more things. Start evaluating yourself more than materials things. You will make decisions based on your need instead of getting everything you see! Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean buying cheaper. The beauty in simplicity surpasses the need for things. Right?


Don’t worry! We didn’t forget your guide. Here it is:

1-    Understanding the “Commercials” traps: You don’t want to be fooled with fancy ads! Be careful about what you decide to buy! Choose well and make it last.

2-  Declutter, declutter and declutter: Why filling your home with things that don’t hold any value? Get rid of unnecessary things and be conscious of what you will bring with you on your shopping day. After all, your home is a living space, not a storage space.

3-    Evaluate what you have: if your current phone is serving its purpose why buying the latest iPhone? If your wardrobe is full of clothes, so why buying the latest outfits?

4- YOLO (You only live once): Ignore the excess clutter from the past and focus on the important stuff now. You don’t want to be stuck in the past. You don’t own “the broken heart gallery”.


In the end, choosing a minimalist lifestyle refers to you and it depends on your values and your needs in life. Either you will choose this path or not, collect moments, not things!

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