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4 easy tips to start your eco-friendly journey right away!

Ever thought about transforming your lifestyle into a more sustainable one? 

Then you Earth lover, this blog post is for you!


As you took this decision then you apparently realizing that small changes make big impacts. RIGHT?


Here are some easy tips for helping you to start your Eco-friendly journey right away!


1- Reduce, reuse, recycle, and upcycle!

We should have a responsibility to further the conversation around global change, that's why we should take our environmental impact seriously. 


Reducing waste can be your new habit! You won't regret it. It can be simple for you, Coffee addicted. Start Using a reusable coffee cup and the liquid will hug your brain warmly!


By simply purchasing recycled and upcycled products, we help to keep materials out of landfills, protecting natural resources from being extracted unnecessarily for the manufacturing of new products. 


For example, Upcycled furniture. It's a fantastic way to refresh your items and add some styles and creativity at low costs. 


2- Share your love for the earth with your friends.

Motivate them to get engaged in protecting the planet! Remind them that there is no planet B neither for us nor the generations after! So now they must be convinced and all ears! Share your knowledge and your passion and educate them by sharing the importance and the value of our natural resources on different social media platforms. Encourage them to practice" Buy green while buying your need"! 


3- Want to make an impact while being stylish and protecting the environment?

 It's easy. Make smart choices and say NO to plastic! Go for eco bags which are made from materials such as cotton, jute, and bamboo. It can be used hundreds of times and can be chic too!


4- Support and empower local creative businesses that promote eco-friendly products.

They provide alternative products to be used in our daily life. Now you have no excuses! So why don’t you take action to have a sustainable lifestyle? Here’s the list of eco-friendly products that can have big impacts. 


And here are some essential products that would definitely make your life easier and lower your carbon footprint as well:

  • Silicon food covers; you'll wonder how you ever lived without them! 

  • Compostable Bin Liners. You’ll get obsessed with these!

  • Biodegradable/reusable coffee cup.

  • Cutlery made from bamboo, It's a perfect zero waste combo! 

  • Bamboo plates and bowls. Buy the whole set to create a perfect picnic setting.

  • Stainless steel/bamboo straws, because plastic straws take 200 years to break down

  • Natural and organic soaps and shampoo will transform your hair and skin into healthy ones as well as your lifestyle eco-living


Lastly, I would like to share a nice motivational quote with you,


“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

–Ann-Marie Bonneau.


Remember to be always kind to the planet!

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